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  1. Dermot O'Sullivan
    Dermot O'Sullivan says:

    There is some decent introductory information in this video but it is
    painfully drawn out. The valuable advice, free of repetition, could have
    been delivered in as little as 10 minutes.

  2. Robert Spiller
    Robert Spiller says:

    Dave, this is just a great video for one to learn the basics of SEO. If
    this is part of your video series, then count me in. Yes it was long, but
    very informative, so those comments that mentioned how it was too
    long….well there is a fast forward technique…just skip around the video
    lol…seriously. Thanks for this, and I have subscribed, and I’m looking
    forward to more.

  3. Lauren Pettigrew
    Lauren Pettigrew says:

    I have to side with you on this one. I also want to mention that I use
    youtube to drive more visitors to my site since i am a full-time youtube
    marketer. I find this video very informative! I’d recommend that you go to
    my channel on youtube to find out more about what you can do for the
    benefit of your online business *(how to get more traffic, channel
    popularity, boost revenue, and much more..)*

  4. Bharath Sanna
    Bharath Sanna says:

    Hi Dave, say I have a website of 2 year old, with an average content, if I
    do seo, then how days it will take to get my webpage in first page of
    google? any rough idea is good.

  5. Norma Hughey
    Norma Hughey says:

    Beginners ought to watch this video. It may not be that new but it will
    help you a lot. I have the services of lexorsoft ever since and they have
    helped me a lot in seo work since.

  6. Dallas SEO Agency
    Dallas SEO Agency says:

    Great information. You break down the information in an easy to understand
    fashion. Great video for beginners. Thank you for this video! Keep them
    coming! Subscribed and liked!


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