Health Tips

We usually take good health for granted – as long as we’re fit and healthy! However, especially as we get older, we need to pay more attention to our body and our health needs to ensure we stay that way. But even when we’re young, we still need to stay fit if we want to enjoy life to the full – and continue living to enjoy it!


These pages are filled with snippets of help and advice to help keep you fit and healthy.

If we were to boil down all the tips into a few concise pearls of wisdom, they would be these:

  • Exercise regularly, preferably every day
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Avoid junk food and processed food, too
  • Don’t smoke and avoid smoky areas
  • Drink alcohol only lightly and not every day
  • Drink plenty of fresh water
  • Avoid stress

It’s basically common sense, simply things we know we should do but implementing just a few of the tips will be of benefit.

We’ve arranged the tips in these pages into categories but there is some overlap.

You will also notice that some tips seem to contradict each other! The reason for this is interesting. Many researchers are sponsored by specific companies who have, er, an agenda. So quite often researchers are looking for a particular result and will gear their research towards producing that result. If you see what I mean.

This does not necessarily mean that their results are incorrect or invalid. Its possible that two or more research teams could look at the same thing in two different ways and come to different conclusions. A good example of this is chocolate. Dark chocolate can be of benefit to your heart, they say – but eating too much will certainly be detrimental.

So, when looking through the tips, be sensible – and stay healthy!


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Natural Weight Loss

Many people are trying to get healthier. For the good majority of them this means trimming down and getting rid of excess weight. There are literally hundreds of diets to choose from including many that involve the use of pricey foods and drinks.

Natural weight loss is gaining in popularity. In a society that recognizes the importance of watching what you are putting into your body it only makes sense to choose products that aren’t full of chemicals that cause side effects.

The most natural weight loss plan is one that incorporates a diet of healthy foods combined with an exercise regime. If this is the route you decide to take there are several important points to remember that will help guarantee success.


One of the healthiest things anyone who wants to shed a few pounds can eat is fresh fruit and vegetables. Adding a serving of fresh fruit to your breakfast in place of a pastry or a bagel helps you save calories and it cuts your intake of sugar. Substituting the sweetness of a fresh apple or a banana for a doughnut will lead to natural weight loss.

The same can be said for any time you feel the need to snack during the day. It’s tempting to look for something energizing mid-morning or mid-afternoon. For some people this can be a coffee and something filled with sugar such as a cookie. Although this will give you energy to get through the next few hours until your next meal it isn’t adding anything positive to your diet.

If you really want to try a natural weight loss plan than you need to substitute the coffee and cookie for a glass of juice or water with some carrots, a plum or a few raisins. These will also get your blood sugar back up but in a more beneficial way.

One of the tips that most people who follow a natural weight loss plan strongly believe in is the benefits of drinking a full eight glasses of water each day. The water helps to rid the body of impurities and it also acts as an appetite suppressant.

If you drink a glass of water approximately thirty minutes before your meal you will eat less. If you are following a natural weight loss plan this is a great way to curb your appetite without having to take a supplement that is filled with chemicals.

It’s possible to slim down when you follow a natural weight loss plan. Make good, healthy choices in the foods you eat and before long you’ll notice the scale moving downwards as your body shrinks.

The Uncomfortable Truth about Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a disease which affects 125 million people world wide according to the World Psoriasis Day consortium. It is initially a condition that was believed to be related to biblical leprosy and is as such one of the most misunderstood conditions of our time. It was only in the 19th century that a Viennese dermatologist gave it the name we all know today and following that, in the 20th century that different kinds of sub classification began. It is one of the oldest conditions known to mankind and, in some forms, can be quite fatal.

The causes of psoriasis remain as much of a mystery as the day it was first named. Some tend to liken this condition to the genes, others blame a falsely triggered immune system. Whatever the cause might be, it is definitely a condition that can cause discomfort and embarrassment among its sufferers and could in some cases be a cause of feelings of low self-esteem. And, unfortunately, it has no cure.


So, what is psoriasis and what are the different symptoms attributed to this condition? As a matter of fact, the skin on your body renews itself every 28 to 30 days, moves to the surface and then flakes off in the form of dead skin cells. With psoriasis, the renewal process is accelerated to completion in anything from 3 to 5 days but doesn’t ever flake off. Instead, it forms an elevated patch of inflamed and silvery skin and can cause some severe itching or irritation. The infected patch of skin is also known as a psoriatic plaque. Psoriasis is generally classified according to its location, texture and appearance and can be considered or named as one of the following:

  • Psoriasis Vulgaris – Also known as plaque psoriasis, this is the most common form of this kind, affecting up to 90 percent of all psoriasis sufferers. It appears as elevated patches of silvery skin which might more accurately be referred to as lesions.
  • Pustular Psoriasis – This form of psoriasis is more commonly found on the hands and feet and appears as little white blisters filled with pus which consists largely of white blood cells (leukocytes) which are not contagious.
  • Inverse Psoriasis – A form of psoriasis naturally found under the armpits, under the breasts, the groin and between the buttocks. Unlike plaque psoriasis, inverse psoriasis occurs as a reddened patch of shiny skin but without any of the elevation and is especially sensitive to any irritation or sweat.
  • Guttate Psoriasis – Occurring in the form of drops with a slightly reddened colour, this form of psoriasis can appear over a more widespread area of the body including around the scalp.
  • Erythrodermic Psoriasis – Quite similar to plaque psoriasis in the sense of texture and skin appearance, erythrodermic psoriasis is known as a more aggressive form and can affect a larger area of the body and can be fatal if not treated.

Although current research on psoriasis remains undeveloped, certain everyday factors such smoking (tobacco products), alcohol abuse and excessive stress are known to aggravate this condition and should best be avoided.

Important Note: While the information contained in this article is provided in good faith, we always recommend you consult a qualified doctor or physician. Your doctor can provide you professional advice for your particular situation.