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  1. HydenSNSD
    HydenSNSD says:

    How i wish i could learn that wushu from Choi Hyunseok :3
    Good luck Suzy with Lee Min Ho!
    SuHo couple fighting! (wtf EXO member name)

  2. TheXingding
    TheXingding says:

    I was waiting for this. I love how Suzy and Jessi became friends after this
    show, right? Or were they already friend before? anyway love them both <3

  3. jiji lala
    jiji lala says:

    To be honest I was a bit disappointed in this episode, great guests but the
    ep over all was not that funny. Maybe because the previous episode was
    hilarious or i dont know but I kinda felt I got bored in the middle or
    what! :)

  4. Secutex3
    Secutex3 says:

    gosh, i waited so long for the subbed version and it’s finally out *-*
    thanks KBS for always adding subtitles <3 Suzy is just adorable, hope this
    year she's going to be more active on variety shows, also conrgats on the
    amazing comeback, Miss A fighting <3

  5. 83Jude
    83Jude says:

    Finally,Suzy’s looking more grown-up and probably suits Miss A now.
    Probably making the effort to keep up w Lee Min-ho Haha!
    10:14 Oh,here comes Misun’s standoffish pretentious”i-don’t-know-her” mug.
    I enjoy Jessie!
    Another batch of unexpectedly hilarious guests! esp Chef “Laser” Choi
    1:10:39 My ribs hurt LMAO*

  6. FragileCrystal87
    FragileCrystal87 says:

    Everyone was so charming! Suzy I wish u the best! ^..^ Thanks for the
    subtitles KBS! I
    didn’t know jessi, but she’s so funny xD

  7. Agent あいか
    Agent あいか says:

    I actually just heard or knew about Jessi from the preview on one Running
    Man episode, and I also started watching this because of Suzy. But after
    watching this, I think I fell in love with Jessi! She’s so carefree and
    charismatic at the same time! Now I cannot wait for the new Running Man
    episode! Lol, I also think I might start watching Unpretty Rapstar because
    of Jessi! Also, Suzy is so pretty and she looks a little bit like Fei with
    her new hair, but both are pretty anyways!

  8. Pauline Dang
    Pauline Dang says:

    haven’t watched the show yet but im already liking the video. Suzy’s power
    in the industry is daebak!!

  9. Yasmine Lemhouer
    Yasmine Lemhouer says:

    Honestly I didn’t like suzy a lot, but know I think I have changed my mind
    about her. She seems like really nice girl and she’s really pretty.


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